She is foreseen by Providence immediately after the fall of man.

Thus, Her remembrance fully raises the problem of renewing the nature of man.

The first man renewed is Jesus, Her Son, and all the disciples of Jesus. Thus She is also the Mother of the Church. While on the cross, Jesus Himself established Her as mother of Christianity.

If our life were reduced only to this life, the one between the crib and the tomb, all the labours would be meaningless. But our life is not limited only to this existence.

Through asceticism and love, our soul must reach the purity of the virgin soul, in which our eternal image will be born.

Thus, it is not only a following of God, an "imitatio Christi", but also a following of the Mother of God. And the Mother of God was not spared by any of the human sorrows. From an early age she knew Herod's refuge and persecution. The sword of pain was prophesied for Her soul.

She is the perfect model of purity and sacrificial love.

Similarly, next to any crucified person in this life, there are only a few remain next to him directing him toward God, and among the few, is the Mother of God. To arrive at our recovery, we must go through many crucifixions and we need a motherly heart advocating for us and directing us toward to God.

God sometimes abandons us; the saints are not heard, but motherly love turns the harshness of God's Justice back into love.

The church sings:

“Under Your mercy we save ourselves, Mistress, Virgin Birth giver of God! Through our prayers do not leave us in troubles but save us from our trials: One pure, Blessed, Holy Birth giver of God.”

Excerpt from: Father Arsenie Boca - "Living Words", Carisma Publishing House, Deva, 2006, pp. 126-127.



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