Gospel of Mark 10:32-45 and Gospel of Luke 7:36-50


It is then possible to correct a flawed life.

The age of ignorance unfortunately establishes as the purpose of life.

God brings you to the path, to meaning.

There is a balance in atoning for evil things: 17 years of sinful desires driven by lust bring 17 years of tormenting fights to subdue the desires for the one who wants to be saved.

Even if you are holy, you do not leave this world without confessing thoroughly and purely, without Holy Communion.

Behold - a woman who humbled Abba Zosima.

And behold a model of encouragement for any heart broken by sin or a heart whose rudder of life is broken and misses the Meaning of life.

Affix yourself to God, to the Most Pure Theotokos, and your life will be filled with meaning!


Excerpt from: Father Arsenie Boca - "Living Words", Charisma Publishing House, Deva, 2006, pp. 74-77.



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